Autonomous and Lagrangian Platforms and Sensors

A Report of the ALPS II Workshop
Held February 21–24, 2017, La Jolla, California

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White Papers

Bogue and Maas | MRV Systems: Marine Robotic Vehicles

Boss | Coordination of Observing Assets for Improved Ocean Observations

Bushinsky et al. |Oxygen Measurements from Autonomous Vehicles: Applications and Challenges

Centurioni and Lumpkin | The Global Drifter Program: Evolution, Current Status, Impacts, and Future Directions

Clayson et al. | Observing Air-Sea Exchange with a Free-Drifting SPAR Buoy

Cole | Investigating Small-Scale Processes from an Abundance of Autonomous Observations

Davis et al. | Thoughts on Second Generation Gliders

Eriksen | Observing the Full Ocean Water Column with Deepgliders

Goni et al. | Underwater Glider Observations for Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Studies and Forecasts

Jayne | Air Deployable Profiling Floats

Johnson | RBR: Sensor Innovation

Nguyen et al. | Arctic Argo-Type Floats: The Needs, Potentials, and Challenges

Roemmich and Zilberman | The Deep Argo Program: Broad-Scale Sampling of the Full Ocean Water Column

Roquet et al. | In Situ Observations Using Tagged Animals

Schofield et al. | Distributed Ocean Robots are a Key to Entraining the Next Generation into Ocean Literacy and Lifelong Learning

Schofield et al. | Evolution-Informed Autonomous Networks to Characterize Biological Hotspots in the World’s Ocean

Tenreiro et al. | Assessing Vertical Structure of the Anticyclonic Loop Current Eddies with Autonomous Underwater Gliders

Todd | On the Potential for Sustained Gulf Stream Monitoring with Autonomous Underwater Gliders

Toole et al. | Autonomous Observation of the Polar Oceans Below Sea Ice

Walsh et al. | Perspectives for Accuracy and Quality Assurance of CTD & Biochemical Data Streams from Autonomous Platforms

White | The EU BRIDGES glider project



An abridged history of ALPS and meeting objectives – D. Rudnick, SIO (3.8 MB pdf)

Biogeochemical sensors for autonomous, Lagrangian platforms: Current status, future directions – K. Johnson, MBARI (20.1 MB pdf)

Profiling floats for regional and global applications – D. Roemmich, SIO, N. Zilberman, SIO, S. Jayne, WHOI (11.7 MB pdf)

Underwater gliders – C. Lee, UW (55.3 MB pdf)

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in the 21st Century: Smaller, smarter, faster, longer range and more versatile – R. Wynn, NOC, UK (68.2 MB pdf)

Autonomous Surface Vessels and Drifters: Advancements, challenges and learning from each other – C. Meinig, NOAA/PMEL, and L. Centurioni, SIO (51.9 MB pdf)

In-situ observations from tagged animals – F. Roquet, Stockholm University (55.2 MB pdf)

Measuring the ocean and air-sea interactions with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – B. Reineman, SIO (45.8 MB pdf)


Ocean physics from autonomous and Lagrangian platforms and sensors – A. Gray, Princeton (2.5 MB pdf)

Ocean biogeochemistry from autonomous platforms – M. Estapa, Skidmore (21.7 MB pdf)

Advances, challenges and opportunities for autonomous biological observations and experiments – M.J. Perry, U. Maine (28.1 MB pdf)

Carbon dioxide system measurements from ALPS – T. Martz, SIO (45.4 MB pdf)

Autonomous and Lagrangian studies of coastal and boundary current systems – R. Todd, WHOI (18.4 MB pdf)

Ice-based observing – M.-L. Timmermans, Yale (35 MB pdf)

Day 3

Use of acoustics for sensing, navigation and communications on autonomous ocean platforms – L. Freitag, WHOI (4.3 MB pdf)

Autonomous sampling in ocean process studies – E. D’Asaro, UW (10.9 MB pdf)

ALPS for managing Living Marine Resources – T. Garfield, NOAA/SWFSC (92.6 MB pdf)

ALPS in state estimation and forecasting frameworks: A survey of science applications, error quantifications, and observing network design – A. Nguyen, UT (4.9 MB pdf)

Mission planning and control for autonomous and Lagrangian platforms – Y. Chao, RSS (19.7 MB pdf)

Using autonomous systems to entrain the next generation of scientists – O. Schofield, Rutgers (12.4 MB pdf)